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The General Federation of Women’s Club, established in 1890 is one of the world’s oldest nonpartisan, nondenominational service clubs in communities throughout the United States and the world.


The Oceanside Women’s Club was organized in 1918. We are dedicated to do community services, as well as to encourage women to improve their skills, expand their rights and apply their abilities and special sensitivity to the problems in our community.

We believe we can embrace those in need,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

The Woman’s Club Oceanside is affiliated with the general Federation of Women’s clubs International. This organization is dedicated to community improvement enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service for more than 126 years now. These charitable service programs provide leadership and many opportunities to enrich the lives of our members for personal growth. We report on our efforts each year. Some of the areas of service include advocates for children, domestic violence prevention, conservation awareness, providing personal opportunities, educational scholarships and awards, Homelife Studies and International Outreach.


(Article II Objectives in Bylaws page 10)

The objectives of this club shall be to provide

a means of working together to give service

to our community and our country.

Our Vision

To inspire those who have the desire

to make a difference in the community.

Our Mission
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